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Chest CT findings in COVID-19

D. Caruso, E. Lucertini, M. Polici, T. Polidori, A. Laghi

CT staging and treatment planning of renal tumors

N. Panvini, D. Caruso, T. Biondi, A. Laghi

CT in Intestinal Occlusion

N. Panvini, D. Caruso, C. Noya, A. Laghi

Spectral CT: the Basics

D. De Santis, D. Caruso, C.N. De Cecco, A. Laghi

CT Urography

M. Anzidei

Dual-Energy CT of the Liver

M. Anzidei, D. Caruso, A. Laghi

CT Venography

M. Anzidei

Hypervascular Liver Lesions

M. Ciolina, A. Laghi

Anatomy of the Colon

M. Ciolina, F. Iafrate, A. Laghi

Anatomy of the Peritoneal Cavity

M. Ciolina, F. Iafrate, A. Laghi

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