Detection and differentiation of the adverse effects of novel cancer therapies (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 3)

Prof. Michel Eisenblätter

In a previous podcast, Prof. Eisenblätter illustrated the fundamental contribution of CT imaging in selecting cancer patients for immunotherapy and assessing patients’ treatment response specifically based on the iRECIST and irRECIST latest radiological criteria. This new podcast examines the role of CT technique and IV contrast agents in identifying the immune-related adverse effects experienced by cancer patients and in differentiating them from other inflammatory or infectious diseases. Among the most relevant immune-related adverse effects, particular emphasis is given to colitis, hypophysitis, and pneumonitis, but other less frequent complications are also mentioned. Specific indications on the proper timing for scanning, on the appropriate use of IV contrast agents and on a precise system for radiological reporting are provided in order to guide oncologists to the most adequate and prompt therapeutic approach.

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