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Cookie Policy

Cookies are small text files that a website installs on the temporary memory of a user’s browser (and so on the devices user uses to connect on the Platform, including, but not limited to: laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.) and that record a selection ofinfo related to user browsing activity.

If cookies are not disabled, this data is communicated to the website that installed them, every time the user accesses it.

Cookies allow to temporary record selected information related to user’s preferences andthey allow a simplified, more effective and simpler browsing experience for the user.



Based on their duration, cookies are divided into:

  1. Session cookies, automatically canceled once the browsing session is closed;
  2. Persistent cookies, stored on user device for a determined time period (e.g. to allow a simplified use authentication on the Platform, etc.)

and into:

  1. First party cookies” directly created and managed by the Website Owner;
  2. Third party cookies”, created and managed by subjects other than Website Owner and on which Data Controller and no control.



Cookies installation, which usually is automatically performed on the vast majority of browsers, can be prevented by user through deactivation of the ability to accept cookies on browser settings.

For specificationsand additional informationabout cookies and cookies installation prevention,you can check on your navigation browser setting:



Springer Healthcare srl, a company registered in Italy under registration number 07103410960, whose registered office are located in Milan, street via P.C. Decembrio n.28 will install on your device:

1) TECHNICAL COOKIES:automatically, some technical cookies (both of session and persistent ones) will be installed in order to ensure the correct and effective usage of the Platform:

(a) Essential technical first party cookies: which allow the user to browse on the Platform. If these cookies are missing, Platform may not work. In accordance with current regulation, these cookies may be issued on user’s device without any prior consent, subject to the obligation to indicate them in the Privacy Notice;

(b) Persistent technical first party cookiesaimed to facilitate user’s browsing, because it prevents that short information notice (cookie banner) to be shown to user once he/she clicked on the “OK” button (or equivalent wording).

2) PROFILING COOKIES: Only after user’s consent, the Platforms willalso install some typologies ofpersistent profiling cookies provided by third parties (which may be included but not limited to images, maps, videos, sounds, links to pages external to Platform, etc). These cookies are aimed to create the single profile of the user in order to allow targeted advertising messages based on the preferences expressed during the browsing on the Platform:

a) Third parties advertising targeting cookies related to social media (both session and persistent ones): privacy information related to them and how to delete such cookies are listed in the following privacy policies pages:

(b) Third parties targeting cookies aimed to additional services from third parties (both session and persistent ones):some pages of the Platform can include additional plugins, that may allow a third party to release a targeting cookie on the device. Information related to those cookies and how to delete them are listed in the following privacy policy pages:

(c) Third parties cookies related to statistical information (both session and persistent ones): these cookies allow the Platform to know user’s browsing behavior and to evaluate and implement potential changes in the way of using information and services.

These cookies allow to know the following information:

  • visitors’ number of the Platform;
  • average time of stay within the Platform;
  • users’ access channels to the Platform;

To perform the activities listed above, we are actually using Google Analytics service – a web analytics service provided by Google. This system releases cookies on user’s device. Information generated by cookie on user’s Platform usage are transferred and conserved by Google (the servers where information will be stored can be based in United States of America (USA))

Google uses such information to:

  • evaluate user’s usage of the Platform;
  • create reports on user’s activities;
  • to offer additional services that are related to Platform activity and Web browsing.

Google may also transfer such information to third parties if required by law, or in case of third parties entitled to analyze and elaborate those data on Google’s behalf.

Google does not associate user IP address with any other data owned by Google: all the personal data gathering functions are disabled, but the ‘Benchmarking’ function, aimed to manage aggregated and anonymous data ( https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/1011397?hl=it).

We catered to partially mask user’s IP address.

Privacy policy information and other additional information are available at the links listed below:

The modalities of cancellation and block of tracking through the services above can be found at this link:



In order to verify what cookies are installed on the device and to modify user’s preferences, it is possible to modify privacy settings accessing the browser’s control panel and/or visiting this site https://cookiepedia.co.uk/.

Additional information about privacy settings of main browsers can be found at this link https://optout.aboutads.info/?c=2#!/.

If you want to see and modify preferences about “Interest based advertising” (is a practice that is based on internet browsing activity and allows brands to deliver adverts to web users, which reflect their interests), please visit the following link for more information and tools: www.youronlinechoices.eu.

Disabling services that install cookies may affect the ability of the user to fully use the Platform.



The duration of the cookies installed on your Device depends on cookies’ nature:

  • Session cookies are deleted when the user closes the browser;
  • Persistent cookies may have different expiration dates set by the cookie owner.

To check the duration of each cookie, it is possible to use tools like ‘Wappalyzer’ (available for free at this link https://www.wappalyzer.com/).