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Here are links to cited references to further explore the topics proposed in our newsletters.

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Karmazanovsky G, Gruzdev I, Tikhonova V et al. Computed tomography-based radiomics approach in pancreatic tumors characterization. Radiol Med. 2021 Aug 12. doi: 10.1007/s11547-021-01405-0.


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Find here the list of ebooks mentioned in our newsletters as source materials (access to relevant chapters and front matter is free).


Resources for Optimal Care of Emergency Surgery

Hot Topics in Acute Care Surgery and Trauma
Sugrue M, Maier R, Moore EE, Catena F, Coccolini F, Kluger Y (eds.)
Springer, Cham 2020

Therapy Response Imaging in Oncology

Therapy Response Imaging in Oncology

Mizuki Nishino (Ed)
Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020

Surgical Management of Aortic Pathology

Current Fundamentals for the Clinical Management of Aortic Disease
O.H. Stanger, J.R. Pepper, L.G. Svensson (Eds.)
Springer-Verlag GmbH Austria, part of Springer Nature 2019

Critical Limb Ischemia – Acute and Chronic

Dieter RS, Dieter RA Jr, Dieter RA III, Nanjundappa A (Eds.)
Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2017