THIS MONTH’S HIGHLIGHTS voices: The pivotal role of oncologic CT imaging in diagnostic evaluation and patient management

This is the first of three sequential Newsletters dedicated to the wide application of CT imaging in the oncologic setting. The fundamental contribution of the CT technique in improving the accuracy of cancer diagnosis, determining the stage of disease, and assessing the response to therapy and the therapy-related adverse effects will be illustrated in a series of podcasts by Professor Michel Eisenblätter.

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MDCT VOICES General introduction to oncologic CT imaging (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 0)

A brief overview of the main topics covered in the following podcasts on oncologic CT imaging

MDCT VOICES What is required when? Principles of CT staging and restaging in modern oncology (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 1)

The basic principles of CT staging and restaging in modern oncology for a more proper and precise cancer diagnosis

MDCT VOICES Immunotherapy – Relevance for radiologists, issues for imaging (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 2)

The essential role of CT imaging in assessing cancer patients’ response to immunotherapy voices

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Thoracic Imaging

“CT Pulmonary angiography in COVID-19 patients: luxury or necessity?”

M. Ohana

Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer

Oncologic Imaging

“Diagnosis and Staging of Cancer”

R. Iezzi

Therapy Monitoring and Follow Up

Oncologic Imaging

“Therapy Monitoring and Follow Up”

M. Eisenblätter

E-Lectures Archive


Multislice CT

Editors: K. Nikolau, F. Bamberg, A. Laghi, G. Rubin

PROTOCOLS’s Guide to Technology and Protocols

» MDCT Technology – Introduction

» Technical Considerations

» Preparing Patients for CE Exams

» CM Safety

Protocols Archive


Resources for Optimal Care of Emergency Surgery
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Therapy Response Imaging in Oncology
Mizuki Nishino (Ed)Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2020

Surgical Management of Aortic Pathology
O.H. Stanger, J.R. Pepper, L.G. Svensson (Eds.)Springer-Verlag GmbH Austria, part of Springer Nature 2019

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