Workflow challenges in radiology and TeraRecon’s client-server platform Aquarius

C. Catalano, V. Matarese



As a result of the enormous volumetric data sets and large number of images produced by MDCT, the radiologist faces increasing challenges in how to exploit all the clinical information now provided by isotropic sub-millimetric images. In order to reap all the clinical benefits of MDCT, an adequate information technology infrastructure is clearly necessary. The standard approach to CT data management consists of a picture archiving and communication (PACS) system, interfaced with stand-alone workstations. Since these instruments are particularly expensive, a single institution may offer its radiologists only a few workstations, so that access to stored CT data is limited. One solution to overcoming the limited access to the image elaboration software provided by stand-alone 3D workstations is a client-server platform, such as the new Aquarius (TeraRecon).

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