New developments in CT technology presented at RSNA 2013: larger detectors, faster rotation and new designs




Between 2000 and 2004, multidetector technology developed very fast in a race for larger detector size, culminating in 64-slice CT models. After that step, the technological choices differed substantially among manufacturers: dual-source technology for Siemens; a large, 8 cm detector on a 256-slice instrument (Philips); a very large detector for Toshiba (16 cm, 320-slice model); and a new Gemstone detector for GE on a 64-slice instrument.
The race to larger detectors has now clearly reopened with the new models from Siemens and GE unveiled at the Radiological Society of North America, held last December in Chicago. At RSNA 2013, all the major CT manufacturers presented important technical developments (Table), making a new step forward in CT technology.

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