’s Guide to Technology and Protocols

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Preparing Patients for Contrast-Enhanced Exams

Scheduling the Exam

  • Plan the examination to allow enough time to:
    • Adequately prepare the patient
    • Acquire patient information
  • Direct the patients to come in advance if oral GI contrast will be administered
    • Upper abdomen – 30 minutes before
    • Whole abdomen – 60 to 90 minutes before
  • Screen the patients for the following
    • Renal function – It is advisable to consult the table “Risk Factors for Developing CIN” for pre-exam identification and preparation of patients who may be at risk for developing contrast-induced renal impairment.
    • Known allergies to contrast media, asthma, or history of multiple allergies
    • Metformin or other biguanide treatment for diabetes (temporarily discontinue)
    • History or suspicion of hyperthyroidism
  • Determine the need to plan in advance for:
    • Bowel cleansing
    • Fasting prior to exam (eg, CT of stomach or pancreas)
    • Coordination with a specialist, eg,
      • Anesthesiologist for children requiring sedation
      • Medical support staff for ICU patient on a ventilator


P. Costello and CR Lowry
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Developed for GE, Philips, Siemens,Toshiba Scanners
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