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10 selected Springer e-books in cardiovascular CT

    Here, we recommend some very interesting books in this field. Consider this your ultimate reading list!


    1. Protocols for Cardiac MR and CT -A Guide to Study Planning and Image Interpretation

    G. Pons-Lladó (Ed.). Springer  2016



    2. Cardiac CT Imaging – Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease

    MJ. Budoff, JS. Shinbane (Eds.). Springer 2016



    3. Molecular and Multimodality Imaging in Cardiovascular Disease

    Schindler, Thomas H., George, Richard T., Lima, Joao A.C. (Eds.). Springer 2015



    4. Diseases of the Chest and Heart 2015–2018 – Diagnostic Imaging and Interventional Techniques

    Editors: J. Hodler, G. K. von Schulthess, R. A. Kubik-Huch, Ch. L. Zollikofer. Springer 2015



    5. Multi-Modality Atherosclerosis Imaging and Diagnosis

    Saba L, Sanches JM, Mendes Pedro L, Suri JS (Eds). Springer 2014



    6. Atlas of CT Angiography – Normal and Pathologic Findings

    Miclaus GD, Ples H. Springer 2014



    7. From Basic Cardiac Imaging to Image Fusion – Core Competencies Versus Technological Progress

    P. Marzullo, G. Mariani (Eds.).Springer 2013



    8. Cardiovascular CT and MR Imaging – From Technique to Clinical Interpretation

    C. Catalano, M. Anzidei, A. Napoli (Eds). Springer 2013



    9. Vascular CT Angiography Manual

    Pelberg R, Mazur W. Springer 2011



    10. Cardiac CT

    M. Dewey. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg 2011