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MDCT Anatomy-Body

    L. Romano, M. Silva, S. Fulciniti, A. Pinto
    Springer 2010


    Although already in its third decade, computed tomography (CT) remains a highly dynamic field. The rapid development of multidetector CT (MDCT) technology has challenged the radiological world, even more so with the increasing use of MDCT angiography and cardiac CT. State-of-the-art MDCT techniques have been further enhanced by innovative post-processing imaging software.
    The book MDCT Body Anatomy is designed to assist medical residents, imaging technicians, and clinicians. Its nearly 500 axial and multiplanar illustrations comprise a comprehensive MDCT anatomic atlas of the body able to provide prompt answers to imaging anatomy questions.
    The MDCT anatomy of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis is presented in three different parts, with every image containing an informative legend describing the anatomic section performed.

    Part I

    Lungs and Interstitial Network
    A. Pinto, S. Fulciniti, R. Ignarra
    A. Pinto, S. Fulciniti, M. Pepe
    Pulmonary Arteries
    G. Russo, C. Giglio
    Aorta and Supra-aortic Trunks
    A. Sparano, G. Barbato
    Bronchial Arteries and Vena Cava
    G. Russo, C. Giglio
    Pleura and Pericardium
    S. Nicotra, R. Marino
    Mediastinal Compartments, Lymphatic System, and Esophagus
    N. Minervino, F. Varchetta, M. Scaglione
    Heart and Coronary Arteries
    F. Varchetta, N. Minervino, M. Scaglione
    Chest Wall
    S. Nicotra, G. Barbato

    Part II

    Abdomen Diaphragm, Abdominal and Pelvic Walls
    G. Ponticello, G. Perrotta
    Peritoneal Cavity
    L. Romano, M. Silva
    Splanchnic Arteries
    D. Vecchione, G. Barbato
    Iliac Arteries and Abdominal Aorta
    S. Daniele, P. Iovine
    Renal Arteries
    D. Vecchione, P. Iovine
    Venous System
    C. Stavolo, R. Marino
    Portal System
    C. Stavolo, R. Marino
    Lymphatic System
    T. Cinque, A.M. Di Costanzo
    Gastroduodenal System
    L. Romano, C. Petrella, R. Niola
    Small Intestine
    L. Romano, C. Petrella, MG Scuderi
    L. Romano, C. Petrella, L. Di Nuzzo
    N. Gagliardi, S. Fulciniti, G. Ruggiero
    Gallbladder and Biliary System
    F. Di Pietto, R. De Ritis, A. Elia
    G. Ponticiello, G. Perrotta
    Extraperitoneal Spaces
    L. Romano, M. Marino, R. Farina
    N. Gagliardi, S. Fulciniti, A. Rizzo
    Adrenal Glands
    A. Pinto, M. Silva, C. Muzj
    Kidneys and Ureters
    S. Merola, U. Ponticielli, C. Cacciutto

    Part III

    Urinary Bladder
    S. Merola, U. Ponticielli, R. Mazzeo
    Bony Pelvis
    R. De Ritis, F. Di Pietto, V. Braun
    Muscular Pelvis and Pelvic Floor
    R. De Ritis, F. Di Pietto, C. Anatrella
    Pelvic Space
    L. Romano, F. Pinto, A. Fusco
    Female Pelvis: Uterus, Ovaries, and Ligaments
    R. De Ritis, F. Di Pietto, C. Anatrella
    Prostate and Seminal Vesicles
    S. Merola, P. Iovine, G. Apolito