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Unexplained myocardial infarction

    Author: Jean-François Paul
    Body Region: Cardiovascular

    1. Patient Presentation
    2. CT Images
    3. CT Findings
    4. Diagnosis
    5. References

    1. Patient Presentation

    • A 28-year-old, otherwise healthy woman presented after having experienced acute pain in the left arm and chest at work.
    • Electrocardiography showed ST elevation in the inferior leads. In addition, blood troponin was elevated, leading to diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction.
    • Delayed enhancement MRI revealed a small myocardial infarction of the inferior wall of the left ventricle.
    • Conventional coronary angiography was normal, leading to the suspicion of an embolic cause of the infarction.
    • ECG-gated contrast-enhanced cardiac CT was performed for further exploration.