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Shortness of breath and chest pain

Author: Michele Anzidei, Rome, Italy
Body Region: Chest

1. Patient presentation
2. CT Images
3. CT Findings
4. Diagnosis
5. References
Coronal contrast-enhanced CT image at the level of the pulmonary arteries with mediastinum window setting

1. Patient presentation

  • A 52-year-old woman presented with acute shortness of breath and bilateral chest pain.
  • Medical history indicated that she had stage IIIb colon cancer under chemotherapy with oxaliplatin and 5-fluorouracil.
  • Clinical examination revealed normal body temperature and non-productive cough.
  • O2 desaturation (70%). Blood exams were unremarkable apart from a slight increase in D-dimer, 280 ng/mL.
  • Chest radiography performed in the emergency department showed bilateral lung consolidations.
  • Contrast-enhanced chest CT was performed to rule out acute pulmonary embolism and pneumonia.