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Leukocytosis, elevated C-reactive protein and ascites

    Author: Axel Küttner, MD, Erlangen, Germany
    Body Region: Abdomen and Pelvis

    1. Patient Presentation
    2. CT Images
    3. CT Findings
    4. Diagnosis
    5. References

    1. Patient Presentation

    • A 36-year-old woman was referred to hospital for feeling “generally unwell” with deteriorating
      conditions over the previous few days.

    • She had marked leukocytosis (>18 000 cells/mm3)1, anemia, and elevated C-reactive protein
      (>180 mg/l).

    • Clinical examination as well as ultrasonography revealed massive lymphadenopathy and ascites.
      Lymphoma was suspected.

    • A CT examination was ordered for staging.
    • A follow-up CT scan was done after 6 weeks of a specific therapy