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Dyspnea and abdominal pain

    Author: Domenico De Santis, Damiano Caruso, Gisella Guido, Tiziano Polidori Rome, Italy
    Body Region: Chest

    1. Patient Presentation
    2. CT Images
    3. CT Findings
    4. Diagnosis
    5. References

    1. Patient Presentation

    • A 72-year-old-man, with a history of acute pancreatitis, presented at the ER with abdominal pain in the right upper quadrant and dyspnea.
    • Blood tests showed increased tumor markers (CEA 4.72 ng/mL; Ca-125 82.1 UI/mL; NSE 33.3 ng/mL), serum creatinine (2.5 mg/dL), fibrinogen (828 mg/dL), and D-dimer (4591 ng/mL).
    • The patient underwent a CT of chest and abdomen.