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Cardiac malformation in a premature baby

    Author: Axel Küttner, MD, Erlangen, Germany
    Body Region: Cardiovascular

    1. Patient Presentation
    2. CT Images
    3. CT Findings
    4. Diagnosis
    5. References

    1. Patient Presentation

    • A premature boy born in the thirty-fifth gestational week and weighing only 1700 g was referred
      from a small rural hospital for further examination of a suspected cardiac anomaly.

    • Ultrasonography and echocardiography revealed a complex syndrome, including left-sided renal
      agenesis and hydromyelia, but no cerebral anomalies.

    • Echocardiography also provided evidence of a persistent ductus arteriosus, a persistent foramen
      ovale, an apical ventricular septum defect, and pulmonary hypertension.

    • To better asses the morphological situation and to rule out pulmonary dysgenesis, a CT
      examination was ordered.