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Atypical chest pain

    Author: Christian Loewe, Vienna, Austria
    Body Region: Cardiovascular

    1. Patient Presentation
    2. CT Images
    3. CT Findings
    4. Diagnosis
    5. References
    • Figure 1. ECG-triggered contrast-enhanced CT angiography of the heart. Para-axial multiplanar reconstruction (a + b) and modified short-axis views (c + d) allow visualization of the coronary arteries.

    1. Patient Presentation

    • A 60-year-old male patient presented with newly developed atypical chest pain.
    • Clinical examination, electrocardiogram and laboratory tests were normal.
    • The patient suffered from mild hypertension as the single cardiovascular risk factor.
    • According to the current guidelines for the diagnosis and management of chronic coronary syndromes, cardiac CT was indicated and performed accordingly (Figure 1).