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Multi-slice and dual-source CT in cardiac imaging, second edition

    Book Review by A. Küettner

    BM Ohnesorge, TG Flohr, CR Becker, A. Knez, MF Reiser, Springer, 2007

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    Multislice cardiac CT has become one of the major drivers in CT technology and, with the advent of 64-slice technology, this imaging modality has entered into clinical routine. Novel technology such as dual-source CT promises even further clinical robustness and ease. The second edition of Ohnesorge et. al.’sMulti-Slice and Dual-Source CT in Cardiac Imaging, recently published by Springer, is the latest book available on this topic.

    In no other area of computed tomography does the clinical application depend on the technology of the scanner as much as in cardiac CT. Thus, the challenge to edit a book covering both technology and clinical application was considerable. Ohnesorge and his team of 25 contributors cover, in 370 pages, not only scanner technology, exam protocols, cardiac anatomy and clinical applications, but also the history of cardiac CT and future developments.