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Protocols for Multislice CT, second edition

    Book review by A. Küettner

    A. Bruening, A. Küttner, T. Flohr (Eds.), Springer, 2005

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    Multislice CT has undergone tremendous changes over the past years. Not only has its clinical use largely increased compared to other modalities such as MRI, but also the frequent introduction of new generations of scanners makes it increasingly challenging to keep up to date. Moreover, since older systems are nonetheless reliable and stable, currently many different generations of CT systems are used throughout the world yet novel indications for newer scanners are constantly being introduced.

    The second edition of Bruening et al.’s Protocols for Multislice CT took on the challenge of covering all relevant clinical protocols for all body regions using any CT system. This made it necessary to involve 38 authors, all well-known experts of the field. The increased acquisition speed, novel indications and the increased use of multislice CT in children also made it necessary to add a chapter that addressed special protocols and the appropriate contrast material regimen. With the different injection doses, velocities and concentrations currently under investigation, both theoretical and practical protocols for each body part have been included. Since CT-guided interventions are increasingly attractive and commonplace in most clinical institutions, the volume also includes a chapter on the most important interventions.