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MDCT: From protocols to practice

    Book review by C. Catalano

    MK Kalra, S. Saini, GD Rubin, Springer, 2008

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    The revised edition of MDCT: From Protocols to Practice has just been published.  The first edition was extremely successful and popular among young residents and radiologists.  Experienced staff radiologists worldwide also appreciated the value of this book.
    The new edition is not a mere reprint; extensive revision work has been done by the editors and authors with excellent results.  In this new edition, the authors have further improved the quality of the contents, by updating existing chapters and adding new topics. In fact, the continuous technical developments in the field of MDCT required that all protocols be revised and that new information be added, especially concerning improvements in scanners and systems for dose reduction. The extensive revision of the chapter on contrast media and the management of at-risk patients was also appropriate and needed, due to the importance and practical relevance of the topic. Since the last edition, new systems for dose reduction have been developed by all CT manufacturers; these are described in the revised chapter together with strategies that can be applied in routine practice.