Retrosternal chest pain in woman with diffuse atherosclerosis

Body Region: Chest
Author: G. Dell’Aversano Orabona, V. Pennacchio, A. Rengo, M. Scaglione

1. Patient presentation
2. CT Images
3. CT Findings
4. Diagnosis
5. Management
6. References

1. Patient presentation

  • A 72-year-old woman presented to the Accident & Emergency Department complaining of retrosternal chest pain.
  • Her medical history included diffuse atherosclerosis and blood pressure alterations in treatment with optimal outcome since she was 50 years old.
  • Laboratory tests were unremarkable, including myocardial enzymes, which were within the normal range.
  • A thoracic and abdominal contrast-enhanced CT was performed to rule out any vascular/extra-vascular causes.

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