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Atlas of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography

    Book Review by C. Catalano

    Matthew J. Budoff, Jagat Narula and Stephan S. Achenbach (Eds) Springer, Berlin Heidelberg New York, 2007 

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    The recent technical developments of computed tomography (CT) have made it possible to visualize the coronary arteries with a noninvasive imaging method, similarly to what happened a few years ago regarding other, less challenging but nevertheless important, vascular districts. Coronary CT angiography has given new enthusiasm to radiologists and cardiologists interested in cardiac imaging. Still, knowledge of the field is relatively limited and there is a great need for textbooks to help young and even well-trained physicians face this new imaging modality.

    The Atlas of Cardiovascular CT provides all the information needed, including technical and clinical aspects. Although this book is conceived as an atlas, it also contains a textual part that provides the essential notions necessary for reading each chapter. The iconography of this book is of extremely high quality, with a large number of drawings as well as colour and black and white illustrations. In most instances, coronary CT angiography is compared with selective coronary angiography, demonstrating the excellent agreement between the two methods.