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Acute aortic syndromes and the valuable role
of MDCT for a prompt diagnosis

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The term “acute aortic syndrome” (AAS) includes a spectrum of diseases which share a common course and characteristics resulting in life-threatening aortic events. An early diagnosis and an immediate management are crucial for patient survival. Technological advances have widely improved the accuracy, sensitivity and rapidity of the MDCT technique, which has become the imaging modality of choice for the diagnosis of AASs, offering focused assessment and characterization of aortic lesions and contributing to more appropriate and targeted therapeutic options.

This month’s Focus on, by Prof. Loewe, provides a comprehensive overview of AASs. The author not only describes specific features of each condition but also clarifies the related challenges, emphasizing that the imaging approach based on the use of MDCT is essential to precisely detect aortic lesions and to correctly identify the nature of potential complications.

Furthermore, the selected scientific literature proposed below highlights the remarkable advantages related to MDCT technology in the study of AASs, whereas the two clinical cases from the archive present typical examples of aortic lesions recognized through MDTC examinations in real-life practice.

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