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Spectral Imaging: The latest development in CT technology

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Multidetector technology propelled CT into being one of the most powerful and sensitive techniques in diagnostic imaging, but the innovations do not stop. Spectral CT, the latest development in CT technology, uses two X-ray spectra to discriminate tissues (and other materials) on the basis of their elemental composition. This improved imaging ability now enables radiologists to distinguish, for example, small lesions from metal artifacts.

Spectral CT is discussed in this month’s Focus on by Professor Laghi and colleagues, who provide an overview of the physical principles, describe the data acquisition, and illustrate the various clinical applications, particularly in abdominal imaging. Additionally, through this month’s e-book chapter and the selected journal literature, we review the technological basis of this diagnostic approach and examining its role in multiple clinical settings.

In conclusion, we propose new clinical cases dedicated to the use of CT colonography in the identification of two very challenging conditions.

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Spectral CT: the Basics
D. De Santis, D. Caruso, C.N. De Cecco, A. Laghi

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