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HRCT and Peripheral CT Angiography:
Two established, powerful imaging techniques

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This month we highlight the fundamental roles of two distinct but equally relevant diagnostic examinations: high-resolution computed tomography (HRCT) of the lung and peripheral CT angiography for patients with peripheral arterial obstructive disease (PAOD).

HRCT is currently considered the most reliable, specific and sensitive imaging tool for the diagnosis of almost every focal or diffuse pulmonary pathology, providing more detailed information than conventional CT scanning. In this Newsletter, we offer you a comprehensive description of this technical approach, both in theory, through Dr. Anzidei’s Focus on and the selected articles, and in practice in the clinical cases herein proposed.

Peripheral CT angiography has become an essential imaging modality for the noninvasive characterization of a number of vascular conditions. It is widely recognized as the best evaluation modality for treatment planning and follow-up in patients with PAOD, with lower radiation exposure and smaller volumes of contrast medium than in other procedures. The technical principles and clinical applications of this diagnostic procedure are illustrated in the Technological Corner and in the e-book chapter herein presented.

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Peripheral CT angiography in treatment planning and post-treatment monitoring of patients with peripheral arterial obstructive disease
M. Anzidei

Peripheral CT angiography is currently the second-level imaging test of choice in planning treatment or assessing post-treatment complications in patients with peripheral arterial obstructive disease.



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