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CT stress myocardial perfusion imaging: A comprehensive approach for detecting coronary artery stenoses

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Coronary CT angiography is a sensitive, non-invasive method for detecting coronary stenosis in patients with suspected coronary artery disease, but the degree of stenosis measured with CT does not correlate with the reduction of blood flow through the artery, leading to ischemia. A new method, namely CT stress myocardial perfusion imaging, promises to improve CT's ability to detect hemodynamically significant stenoses.

The features of this imaging modality are discussed this month in Professor Paul’s Analysis & Opinion piece. The diagnostic performance of this CT method is examined in the accompanying research articles, while the e-book selected for this month’s newsletter illustrates its use in clinical practice. Furthermore, we propose two original clinical cases illustrating cardiovascular disorders where MDCT is essential in the diagnosis.

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CT myocardial stress perfusion imaging: will cardiac CT be the one-stop-shop examination for assessing ischemic heart disease?
JF. Paul

Stress CT perfusion imaging has emerged as a new functional technique, improving both the sensitivity and specificity compared with coronary CT angiography alone for the detection of significant stenosis.





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