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CT Body Perfusion Imaging and CT Technical Standardization: Two achievable objectives

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This Newsletter explores the feasibility and applicability of two important developmental objectives for MDCT. First, in the context of oncological diagnoses, CT perfusion imaging is finding increasing application in the quantitative assessment of the vascularity of solid tumors in different body regions. The effectiveness of CT perfusion imaging, when associated with an appropriate iodinated contrast agent, is described in Dr. Anzidei’s Focus on and in the selected papers. The use of this imaging technique in the evaluation of responses to anticancer therapies is illustrated in two clinical cases here presented. 

Additionally, the implementation of standardized CT scanning nomenclature and protocols—the scope of the Alliance for Quality Computed Tomography working group—is discussed in Dr. Anzidei’s review. Finally, the selected e-book chapter presents the most reliable protocols for cardiac CT examinations.

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Is standardization of CT nomenclature and protocols feasible? A response from the Alliance for Quality Computed Tomography
M. Anzidei

In the past 20 years, CT has become one of the most important diagnostic tools in the management of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, infectious pathologies and trauma. A radiologist may now face more than 50 different terms for the description of scan and reconstruction functions of each MDCT model from the major vendors. The main risk in this scenario is confusion in selecting scan and reconstruction parameters. Would standardization of CT nomenclature and protocols be a solution?



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