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Waiting for ECR 2016 (Vienna, March 2-6):
challenging clinical cases and useful tips

Dear users,

The purpose of this special Newsletter is to accompany you in the days before the Annual European Congress of Radiology 2016 – one of the most innovative and exciting meetings within the scientific community – and help you to get ready to face it and to fully enjoy it.

To begin with, and in order for you to test your diagnostic skills, we present a selection of very unusual clinical cases highlighting uncommon conditions and diseases where the role of MDCT was crucial for a correct diagnosis.

Since the splendor of Vienna and its historic monuments will be the backdrop to this event, providing an opportunity for participants to admire them, we propose an original city tour, guiding you to the discovery of this elegant city from a medical perspective.

Finally and because the fear of the audience hangs over all speakers, in spite of an extensive experience in congress lectures, a few tips on how to attract and retain the public’s attention may help you to be more self-controlled and confident in your speaking skills.

We hope that this content can be welcome and helpful and remind you that suggestions for new topics to be covered in future newsletters are appreciated: for this purpose please contact us at

Have an unforgettable ECR 2016!

From the team




Jaundice and abdominal pain
Woman, 50 years old
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Dysphonia for several weeks
Man, 51 years old
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Transient ischemic attack
Woman, 56 years old
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