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Diagnosis of congenital heart diseases:
A new field of application for cardiac CT imaging

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Congenital heart disease (CHD) is one of the most commonly diagnosed congenital anomalies worldwide and is still today the major cause of mortality due to birth defects. A prompt and accurate diagnosis is of paramount importance for rapid and effective decision-making and treatment planning.

The continuous technical advancement in cardiac CT, the technique’s limited invasiveness and rapid performance make this imaging modality remarkably precise and appropriate for identifying CHDs even in newborns and children. In the new videographic presented here, Prof. Loewe provides, with the support of illustrative infographics, the fundamentals for a correct approach to the use of cardiac CT for evaluating CHDs.

The selected scientific papers complement the videographic by further describing the utility of cardiac CT for the diagnosis of specific congenital disorders, such as coronary abnormalities, aortic defects and tetralogy of Fallot.

Finally, the proposed clinical case demonstrates a step-by-step CT approach to the diagnosis of a very rare CHD in early adulthood.

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