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Risk, detection and management of adverse reactions to iodinated contrast media: Acquiring awareness

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Iodinated contrast media are essential agents in diagnostic imaging procedures, particularly in CT scans, since they optimize the visibility of structures and organs and improve the detection of abnormalities and diseases, providing indisputable advantages. Their administration is generally safe, but it may nonetheless cause adverse reactions in specific settings or types of patients.

As stated in this month’s videographic, where Prof. Torregrosa provides a classification and description of these potential side effects and offers suggestions for appropriate management, radiologists should be familiar with these well-established adverse reactions to be able to identify them promptly, follow targeted protocols for adequate intervention, and adopt strategies to mimimize their occurrence.

For this purpose, we also propose an e-book chapter that provides a comprehensive overview of the pathogenesis, risk factors, clinical features, prevention and management of mild to severe adverse reactions to iodinated contrast media.

Finally, the following clinical case demonstrates how an appropriate evaluation can help recognize an adverse effect of contrast agent administration, allowing for adequate treatment and prompt resolution of the symptoms.

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