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CT and vascular diseases: a crucial role not only before but also after endovascular procedures

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CT angiography (CTA) is acknowledged as the imaging method of choice in the evaluation of a wide spectrum of vascular diseases. Indeed, this major imaging technique, characterized by rapidity, non-invasiveness and reliability, provides a high diagnostic quality, which is fundamental for a correct pre-procedural assessment prior to endovascular treatments, also enhanced by the injection of iodinated contrast material. The constant evolution of the CT technique in this field has allowed the application of CTA to be extended to post-operative surveillance after endovascular repair.

This month’s Focus on by Prof. Loewe will introduce you to the wide field of modern endovascular treatment options and discusses the key role of CTA in the early detection of possible complications after endovascular aortic repair and transfemoral aortic valve repair and in monitoring the results of surgical corrections. 

Practical demonstrations of the value of CTA in this setting are included in both of the clinical cases proposed in this Newsletter. Finally, the two selected papers illustrate novel techniques that can be associated with CT to improve anatomic visualization and image quality in the study of post-endovascular treatment complications.

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