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The essential role of CT in the differential diagnosis of non-adenocarcinoma solid tumors of pancreas

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Although ductal adenocarcinoma (ADC) is the most common and life-threatening malignancy affecting the pancreas, other pancreatic solid lesions can occur less frequently and need to be clearly characterized and differentiated from the ADC in order to establish an appropriate treatment strategy.

In this month’s Focus on, Prof. Torregrosa illustrates in detail the clinical features of non-ADC pancreatic solid tumors and the crucial role played by contrast-enhanced CT in detecting and differentiating them from ADCs. From neuroendocrine and solid pseudopapillary tumors to pancreatic lymphomas and metastases, to name a few, the main CT imaging appearances of each tumor form are depicted through highly representative CT images, which are provided along with a detailed description of the correct CT scan protocol for an accurate differential diagnosis.

The selected articles proposed in this Newsletter examine the diagnostic advantages of an innovative and promising CT-based approach for the characterization and differentiation of pancreatic tumors: radiomics or texture analysis.

Finally, the two clinical cases of this Newsletter offer practical examples of how CT with contrast medium can significantly help identify specific non-ADC pancreatic solid tumors.

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Non-adenocarcinoma solid tumors of pancreas