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THIS MONTH’S HIGHLIGHT voices: The value of contrast-enhanced CT
in staging and post-treatment monitoring of lung
and pancreatobiliary cancers

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This Newsletter presents the last set of Professor Eisenblätter’s podcasts focusing on the essential contribution of CT imaging to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. The two new podcasts proposed below emphasize, in particular, the advantage associated with contrast medium administration in improving the detection of tumor recurrence in patients treated for lung and pancreatobiliary cancers. The appropriate use of contrast material may allow for a very high image quality enabling an optimal and early evaluation of tumor response to treatment and correct staging.

The two selected papers demonstrate the usefulness of advanced detection systems that can be applied to CT technology to enhance its staging and monitoring capabilities in these two malignancies.

We also repropose three clinical cases from the archive where contrast-enhanced CT is successfully utilized to accurately classify lung and pancreatic cancers and assess tumor response to therapy in patients affected by these cancers.

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Oncologic CT imaging
M. Eisenblätter

Three sets of podcasts by Professor Michel Eisenblätter on the contribution of CT imaging in
cancer diagnosis and for supporting cancer treatment monitoring

Lung cancer – Structured primary staging and therapy monitoring based on CE-CT (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 5)
A step-by-step guide to optimize the CT protocols based on the use of contrast medium and to appropriately draw up a structured report for the accurate staging of lung cancer and the assessment of tumor response to treatment Listen »

CT for staging and follow-up of pancreatobiliary neoplasm – A focus on perioperative imaging and detection of cancer recurrence (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 6)
What is the best imaging technology for the post-treatment follow-up of pancreatic cancer patients? Contrast-enhanced CT is the answer, taking care to reduce the radiation dose without compromising image quality Listen »