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THIS MONTH’S HIGHLIGHT voices: The pivotal role of oncologic CT imaging
in diagnostic evaluation and patient management

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This is the first of three sequential Newsletters dedicated to the wide application of CT imaging in the oncologic setting. The fundamental contribution of the CT technique in improving the accuracy of cancer diagnosis, determining the stage of disease, and assessing the response to therapy and the therapy-related adverse effects will be illustrated in a series of podcasts by Professor Michel Eisenblätter.

Through his voice, in the first set of podcasts presented below, you will be guided to explore the basic principles of CT staging and restaging in modern oncology, to use CT for patient selection for immunotherapy and to adopt the most reliable CT criteria for identifying patients’ response to immunotherapy.

The profound impact of CT technology in the study of the effects of immunotherapy on cancer
patients is described in two recently published papers we have selected for you, while the three cases from the archive linked below demonstrate the advantages of contrast-enhanced and unenhanced CT in cancer diagnosis and staging.

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Oncologic CT imaging
M. Eisenblätter

Three sets of podcasts by Professor Michel Eisenblätter on the contribution of CT imaging in
cancer diagnosis and for supporting cancer treatment monitoring

General introduction to oncologic CT imaging (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 0)
A brief overview of the main topics covered in the following podcasts on oncologic CT imaging
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What is required when? Principles of CT staging and restaging in modern oncology (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 1)
The basic principles of CT staging and restaging in modern oncology for a more proper and
precise cancer diagnosis
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Immunotherapy – Relevance for radiologists, issues for imaging (Oncologic CT imaging Series – Ep. 2)
The essential role of CT imaging in assessing cancer patients’ response to immunotherapy
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