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Cardiac CT and coronary CT angiography: Technical advancement, improved potential and new perspectives

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An increasing number of studies are highlighting the valuable new role of cardiac CT and coronary CT angiography in improving the prediction of prognosis, intervention outcomes and adverse events in patients with coronary disease. This new achievement not only provides an effective tool in the hands of radiologists to reduce the potential risks of cardiac interventions in a non-invasive manner, but it also allows radiologists to reduce radiation exposure to their patients.

We are glad to propose to you the main topic of this Newsletter presented in an innovative way: indeed, Prof. Loewe’s talk, linked below, is complemented by attractive infographics to better highlight the key concepts and information.

The new scientific papers included in the “Selected literature” section offer some examples of this advancement in cardiovascular imaging, as well as demonstrating the advantage of artificial intelligence combined with cardiac CT.

Finally, we repropose three clinical cases from the archive showing the practical use of cardiac CT and coronary CT angiography in a real-world scenario.

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