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Chest CT in COVID-19 patients:
Imaging features and changes in lung appearance

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While the anti-COVID-19 vaccination campaign is progressing efficiently in a large number of
Western countries, new SARS-CoV-2 variants are emerging alarmingly, leading to an escalation in the number of cases and deaths.

In this scenario, the role of chest CT in the identification, monitoring and management of COVID-19 pneumonia remains fundamental. In order to provide a comprehensive overview of CT evidence of COVID-19 pneumonia, we propose a Focus from Professor Laghi’s team where each chest CT imaging finding and pattern related to COVID-19 is analysed accurately and depicted in detail.

The scientific articles selected for this Newsletter illustrate our current knowledge on the dynamic and temporal evolution of chest CT manifestations in COVID-19 patients and discuss the CT imaging similarities with other disease to be considered in the differential diagnosis.

Indeed, the differential diagnosis is the “main theme” of the two clinical cases proposed below, where the clinical and imaging features will help differentiate COVID-19 pneumonia from other conditions characterized by similar CT signs.

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From the team



Chest CT findings in COVID-19
D. Caruso, E. Lucertini, M. Polici, T. Polidori, A. Laghi
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